About Us

Who we are

Lux Group is a danish founded cosmetic company, present in most of the European Union. Our main products are helping women to improve their feeling of beauty and luxuriousness. Founded in 2010, we've now grown to employ more than 30 people all over the world, being located in both US, European and Eastern time zones, to improve the customer experience of fast delivery times and quick customer service response, 24 hours a day, on our e-commerce sites.

Our mission

Our mission is to design and develop high-quality beauty products for women all over the world. We feel that everyone deserves luxury and beauty in their lives. With our affordable prices for top-class products, we believe that there is no longer a reason for anyone not to pamper themselves.

In order to reach our goals, we strive to always be one step ahead and push our boundaries. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that we can implement in our products.

Our international approach allows us to offer revolutionary inventions and exciting new ideas from around the globe that for many would otherwise not be available. Whenever a new concept or idea rises to the surface, we will be the first to implement it in our line of beauty products.

With our headquarters located in Odense, we have stayed close to our roots. Like a sprouting tree, we want our roots to branch out so we can provide excellent products and services to customers and business in every corner of the world.

Our global mindset

Our company has grown quickly and now provides fast and efficient customer service across various multimedia channels, 24 hours a day in various languages.

We pride ourselves in overcoming many geographical challenges and fully embrace the possibilities of our new global reality to deliver our goods anywhere, anytime. We’d like to think ourselves as one of the most internationally orientated companies within Europe.

Our products provide value.

Take a look at a few of our many products below.

Lip Maximizer

With collagen among other ingredients, this product, for use before the lip stick or on it's own creating a shiny effect, makes your lips grow to supernatural sizes.

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Being among the first cosmetic producers in the world to launch it, the serum in QuickMax™ makes your eyelashes up to 50% longer with a few weeks treatment.

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Dropkick Lip Stick

Our high quality lip stick range with colors spanding from Chili Red to Lavender Purple, Dropkick™ Lip Sticks have satisfied thousands of our customers across the globe.

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Quick Healing

For treatment of scars from acne, pimples and other wounds, this cream helps the wound to heal faster and prevent the formation of scars.

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Blackhead Killer

Our flagship, the world-famous Blackhead Killer, puts an end to pimples and blackheads with it's genious formula, that dries them out and drags the waste from the skin when removed.

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Moisturizer and cleanser

As an accessory to our famous Blackhead Killer product, we launched these additions that makes the treatment even more efficient and comfortable.

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